Vodafone is auctioning the world’s first SMS ‘Merry Christmas’ as an NFT for charity


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British telecommunications giant Vodafone reportedly plans to auction the world’s first short message service (SMS) in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) on December 21. The SMS with the inscription “Merry Christmas” was received 29 years ago on the Vodafone network on December 3, 1992 and was received by Richard Jarvis, an employee at the time.

According to the Romanian news agency Ziarul Financiar, the historic 15-character SMS will be auctioned as NFT in a one-time auction carried out by the auction house Aguttes in France.

By auctioning the world’s first SMS in the form of NFT, Vodafone intends to pass the proceeds on to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency) to help displaced people.

Source: Ziarul Financiar

The banner above means “Merry Christmas. The world’s first SMS auctioned off as NFT for charity”. Vodafone’s SMS-NFT sale will take place this Tuesday, December 21, via an online auction where participants can place bids via Ethereum (ETH). The highest bidder has exclusive ownership of the communication protocol with which the world’s first SMS was transmitted.

To the fame of SMS, it took nine years for other networks to have Vodafone’s ability to send and receive SMS. This step of coining the world’s first SMS is yet another example of NFT’s ability to tokenize history and digitally preserve it.

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