Polkadot inventor Gavin Wood suggests June 15th for the first Kusama Parachain auction


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Polkadot and Kusama inventor Gavin Wood has released a tentative schedule for the highly anticipated Parachain slot auctions in Kusama.

According to a blog post published on Tuesday, the first Parachain auction slot will open on June 15 at 12:00 PM Central European Summer Time.

The tentative schedule, subject to approval from the Kusama Council and other KSM stakeholders, is that the first Parachain auction will be held by May 17th.

If the Kusama Council approves the schedule, the first winner of a parachain slot auction could emerge on June 22nd at 11:00 AM. The second Parachain slot auction then begins an hour later with further slot auctions every week, according to Woods’ contribution.

After the first five weekly auctions, Wood recommended a break to evaluate the network’s performance before starting another series of five parachain slot auctions based on the above schedule.

Back in May, Cointelegraph reported that Kusama was finally ready to host Parachains. According to Wood, the developers at Kusama are confident that there are no technical hurdles to running slot auctions or using parachains.

These auctions will determine which parachains will be added to the Kusama relay chain – a Canarian network for Polkadot. Explaining the need to get Kusama parachains working, Wood said, “Kusama exists as the Polkadot Canary Network, so it is helping to protect Polkadot from a serious problem by keeping the functionality in the wild for as long as possible. “

“Since the protection it offers is in some ways proportional to the time it is active before Polkadot, there is a clear reason to use that logic as soon as possible for the Polkadot’s good.”

The week-long headups at the beginning of the process should give the community enough time to solve their Kusama (KSM) to finance auction bids.